From The President

From The Desk of the President


"If you want to go fast, go alone but if you want to go far, go together." This African proverb is nowhere applicable than in the existence of a vibrant association or organisation that has a vision of forward movement of her members and great city through togetherness, cooperate vision and power of Unity.
It is a great pleasure to serve you as the president of this great association, I do not take it for granted at all so, I am counting it as an honour to lead the revamping process of this great organisation/ association to our desired destination.
OSDNA has vision, mission, rules, regulations and constitution that is guiding our mode of operations and activities, yet we still need your innovative ideas, progressive advice, your support and unflinching cooperation to perform valiantly. There is no one that is an island of knowledge, Ogbomosho is our root, we owe her a lot and we can give back to our fathers and mothers land in various ways and in different forms. 
As I have said earlier, this administration will be operating an open door policy. We strongly believe that each and every members of this great association has unique talent and gift that could be contributed to the advancement of our great city back home and in fulfilling our mission to our members in Canada.
The executive committee of this association have rolled up their sleeves to fulfil the task that you have chosen us to do but we cannot do it alone. I am using this medium to solicit for your committed involvement to this association through your attendance in our monthly/fortnight meetings, payment of your yearly membership dues, answering of our calls to the planned Ogbomosho descendants programs and projects.
In conclusion, I want to use this medium to inform every Ogbomosho indigenes in Canada that our association is here to assist everyone as much as we can. There is no time that we need each other than now. We all have to imbibe community spirit and progress together through community efforts. In this association, everybody is somebody, we will take each individual members issue personally in as much as it falls within the confine of our organisation vision and it is accordance with the Canadian legal system.
Once again, you are all welcome to the new dawn.

Ogbomoso a gbe wa ooo